"He won't resist attacking us despite these numbers. Then he'll discover that he's not fighting barbarians."

--Shen referring to the Seljuks' strengths and Mohatu's weaknesses

The Seljuks are a powerful group of lions and lionesses from the East. They are the original founders of Pride Rock and the first to establish a Pridelander kingdom, even though Shen was not a king. The Seljuks live in large groups, which gives them an advantage over enemies when it comes to both strength and numbers.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The Seljuks have fainted fur tones. This distinguishes them from Mohatu and his Pridelanders, which has cream and orange colored fur. Due to their previous military exploits, the Seljuks have developed a very muscular build similar to the Pridelanders. Many Seljuks have light eyeshades, while some retain a dark eyeshade.

Notable SeljuksEdit

  • Shen (Warlord and Pride Leader)
  • Pharsalus (Shen's second-in-command)
  • Labienus (Official)
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